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Referral Marketing System.
A complete system to get your current customers to send you their family and friends like clockwork.

Referrals from current customers and clients should be the lifeblood of your business. Why? Because when someone refers a friend to a business they love, that friend is pretty much pre-sold before they even walk in your door.

But it isn't as easy as just asking your customer, "who do you know that would like what I do"?

Like all marketing you need a system. A system that is non threatening, doesn't make your customer feel uncomfortable and you can use again and again.

Well that's what we have here.

But we don't stop at one. Inside our Referral Marketing System we give you the tools for 3 separate referral marketing campaigns you can use simultaneously.

The first campaign is a Bring a Friend campaign for service businesses. This is for your current clients to bring in their friends for a free trial of your services or products. Included in this system are:

  • Direct mail letters you can send to your data base and a final notice postcard. Simply enter your details and promotion. The rest of the copy is done for you.
  • Vouchers for you to send with the letters or to personally give to your customers.
  • Follow up emails to gently remind them of your offer

The second campaign is a larger version where you ethically bribe your current clients with gifts to give you their friend’s names and addresses so you can send them directly your offer. This is a great way of rewarding loyal customers. Included in this system are:

  • Direct mail letters to send to your customers, clients even past clients. Once again simply fill in your details and offer and send them out.
  • Vouchers ready for you to edit and use.
  • A letter to send to your customers friends introducing yourself, explaining your gift for them and gift certificates to use.

The third referral campaign we give you is a simple letter for you to send out immediately after you acquire a new customer. This includes:

  • An easy thank you letter
  • A gift voucher they can give to their friends

All the tools in our Referral Marketing System are ready for you to edit with your business details and your offer. It doesn't get any easier than that. There's no need to be stuck thinking about how to write a letter. It's all done for you.

So the big question is:

How Much Is The Investment To Get This Marketing System Into My Business?


That's it. One payment through Pay Pal and this entire system will be delivered to your inbox immediately. Everything you need to launch multiple referral marketing campaigns into your business creating a flood of new happy customers who will intern refer their friends to you. This will make your business the leader in your field and an unstoppable force.

Plus you are backed by our 100% "No Brainer Money Back Guarantee".

Try our Referral Marketing System for 90 days and if you are not completely convinced that the tools will do what we promise and work in your business, then contact us here at Accelerated Business Marketing, for a full refund.

Don't delay another day. You've read whats included in this referral marketing system.
You are backed by our generous No Brainer Guarantee.
And it's only $497.
What are you waiting for? Click the button and start getting referrals like clockwork.